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The Witte's are busy planting, weeding, and growing your fruits and vegetables!  The update to our stand is done and ready for fresh grown produce!  July is the "getting in month"!  Witte's will be adding produce almost daily.   Please call for updates, with the busy season starting I do not always update this site.  Hope to see you all soon!


Stand Hours:

Monday - Saturday


*****Witte's believes in clean, high quality products and fields.  We are not organic but we use the IPM method to control unwanted pests with the least amount of unnatural interference.  We strive for the widest variety of vegetables and fruits and are dedicated to the highest quality product with friendly, knowledgeable service.*****


We now have Zuccini, Potatoes,
Raspberries, Beets and much more!  

Thank you for visiting our web site!